Accurate Estimates: Why We Prefer In-Person Assessments

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Curious about getting an estimate over the phone? Let’s talk about why we prefer in-person assessments.

At ID Collision, our estimators believe in providing the most accurate and reliable estimates possible. That’s why they prefer to see your vehicle in person before providing an estimate. While it’s tempting to offer estimates over the phone, the reality is that without physically inspecting your vehicle, our estimators can only provide a ballpark figure.

Similarly, we can’t fully stand behind estimates based solely on pictures. There’s a lot that can be missed or misunderstood without seeing the vehicle from different angles or in different lighting conditions.

For the most accurate estimate and a thorough understanding of your repair needs, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to our facility for an in-person assessment. Our team is here to provide personalized service and address any questions or concerns you may have.

For more information on our estimate process and your rights as a consumer, visit us at

Trust ID Collision for precision and transparency in your repair journey.

Hashtags: #EstimateProcess #Accuracy #IDCollisionInsights