Your Choice, Your Repair: Exploring Aftermarket and Used Parts Options

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Curious about your options for parts selection in repairs? Let’s delve into it.

At ID Collision, we prioritize using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure the highest quality and compatibility with your vehicle. However, we understand that some customers may prefer aftermarket or used parts for various reasons.

If you have a preference for aftermarket or used parts, we’re more than willing to discuss the options with you and address any potential implications for the repair process. Your satisfaction and confidence in the repair outcome are paramount to us.

While insurance companies may aim to minimize repair costs, we stand firm in our commitment to never compromise on quality. We will never pressure you to cut corners or accept inferior parts or materials.

For further insights into parts selection, vehicle repairs after an accident, and your rights as a consumer, visit us at

Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions about your vehicle repairs with ID Collision.

Hashtags: #PartsSelection #RepairOptions #QualityAssurance #IDCollisionCommitment