Step 1: The Same-Day Estimate

You do not need an appointment for an estimate. We have two appraisers and it is very rare for both to be away from the shop at the same time during our working hours. It wouldn’t hurt to call right before you plan on coming over just to confirm that someone will be here and free but we certainly don’t require it. Estimates generally only take about 15 minutes. Once you arrive, we will get a few basic details (name, phone number, insurance info if applicable and the year, make and model of your vehicle) and then one of our appraisers will go out with you to have a look at your vehicle. They’ll have a brief conversation with you about what happened and any concerns you have above and beyond the obvious visible damage. If you’re going through insurance, or think you may, they will also take some pictures of the areas in need of repair. Next, they will write up an estimate for you. You can wait in the office while they do or leave an email for us to forward it to if you’re a bit pressed for time.

Step 2: Approval and Ordering Parts

Once both you and your insurance company (if applicable) have approved our estimate we will order the parts for your vehicle. It now becomes a waiting game. More often than not, we can get parts in within a few days of ordering them. If parts are going to be back ordered for an indeterminant amount of time or if they have to come from out of country (this happens with some newer models of imported vehicles) we will try to let you know as soon as we do (both that there will be a delay and what we’ve been told as far as a timeline for arrival).

Step 3: Booking an Appointment

Once your parts are in the building, we will phone you to try and find a date for you to drop off your vehicle that works for both you and us. We tend to book people for early in the week so that we have a better chance of getting their vehicles back to them before the weekend. This is partially because insurance companies don’t like paying for rentals over the weekend if it’s not entirely necessary. It’s also because that is what our staff has become accustomed to over the years. It keeps the shop flow on track. If you’re going to need a rental vehicle, we can set up your reservation for you if you’d like.

Step 4: Dropping off your Vehicle

Come in on the agreed upon day. We’ll grab a signature (giving us permission to perform the repair) and your keys and then you’re good to go. If you’re getting into a rental, we can give them a call for you and they should arrive to pick you up shortly after that. They will take you back to their building for a little paperwork of their own and then you’ll be on your way. We usually suggest people allot a time period of about half an hour into their schedule for the whole process of dropping their vehicle off and getting into a rental. If you need to drop your vehicle off outside of our working hours, we do have a drop slot. Just ask us about it when we’re setting up your appointment.

Step 5: Teardown and Further Approval

The first thing we do once we get your vehicle in the shop is make sure our assessment of the damage is comprehensive. If there is a chance of hidden damage (i.e. underneath a bumper that has been rear-ended) we will “teardown” that area of the vehicle. That just means taking off the parts that may be hiding the rest of the damage so that we can take a look. If we find more damage, we will have to adjust the estimate accordingly and once again get your approval (and your insurance’s if applicable) before proceeding with the repair.

Step 6: The Actual Repair

This will vary based on the damage. The basic steps are disassembly, repair, paint, and reassembly. More details on the equipment and materials we use will be available soon on our facility page. However, if you want a complete understanding of exactly what we’ve done to you’re vehicle it really is best to ask.

Step 7: Picking your Vehicle Up!

Once repairs have been completed we will give you a call to come and get your vehicle. If you have a rental, take that back and they will give you a ride you to us. The next step is settling the bill. We take cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Then, with receipt, keys, and a final copy of your estimate in hand you are good to go! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask them then and there but know that you won’t have missed your chance if you drive away first. We don’t believe that just because a vehicle has left our premises it is no longer our problem. If you aren’t satisfied with some aspect of our work we’d like to know about it so that we can fix it. That’s why we guarantee our work for as long as you own your vehicle.